Sunday, 17 March 2013

Paper Flowers

I have been searching whole internet to know how these flowers are made and finally i got it and i did it.
I simply love flower making, moreover its already spring and flower love is at its peak :D

Here's is how i made them!
They simply look adorable..

Newspapers,water colors,Glue and scissor. :)

Steps to make these flowers:
1. 4 Newspaper pages stacked together.
2. Make a spiral from the center with the constant width with a pen or marker.
3. How large the Spiral would b depends on how large you want your flower to be.
    * i preferred  a spiral wit diameter 10 to 15 centimeters.*
4. Starting from the end of the spiral starting folding the paper inwards, first tightly than loose towards the ends.
5. Here u are done, join it with glue at the back end.
6. Now pick the color of your choice and start coloring the edges of the flower.

In the end you get a beautiful paper flower.

These flowers can be made with Fabric, book pages or any good material you have.
Fix it on a hair pin or as gift wrapping flowers or use it as you wish.These simply look fantastic.