Friday, 6 December 2013

Cute Gather Round Clutch

A gather round basket, i found one for the first time on some Japanese website few months ago. At first i didn't knew what it was called or how it is made and that website was not of much help either...
I started searching it with all possible names i could think of until i finally came to know what it is called and found a very nice tutorial from mother daughter duo of A spoonful of sugar
Their Gather round basket tutorial is quiet illustrative and really it is much more easier to make than i had thought, moreover it took me a bit more than half an hour to get it all done !

Well i added a bit of my own creativity to it and converted it from a gather round basket to a gather round clutch! The creativity i added is just a Simple Bow and a zipper.

I didn't use cotton but a thicker velvety fabric.
My gather round basket had 9 inches diameter.

When my basket was done i folded the basket and attached a zipper to it and for decorations i did a simple bow, as in the picture :

The Zipper and the bow is attached with simple hand stitch and not on sewing machine!

It looks cute and gorgeous and is spacious too!
I enjoyed this project and so will you.
So grab up your cutest material and start sewing your perfect little gather round clutch.

I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make a bow in my upcoming post so stay tuned for more. :)

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